Gilchrist Art Camp



What parents are saying

“My son adores Lisa and her art camp and has been going for several years. I love that there’s always a new creative project to work on often using recycled materials in inventive ways. But more importantly, I appreciate the low-key, relaxed environment that Lisa and her staff create. Oscar comes home proud of his work, happy, tired, dirty, and creatively fulfilled. What could be better? ” — Heather

“We stumbled across this camp last summer but Ella has been a regular ever since. This is absolutely her favorite camp EVER - and this kid has been to a lot of camps in the last 10 years! Lisa keeps it fun and they are always doing new and interesting projects. She is also great about adding extra camps on no school days which are really helpful as a working parent” — Marlo

“My kids have attended Gilchrist art camp for years, and it is by far their favorite. They now attend most weeks of the summer. The staff does such a good job mixing up the projects and themes to keep them entertained all summer long. I have several of their pieces on the wall. We LOVE this camp!” — Tammy